Softdrape Universal Dressing Pack x 20

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The Softdrape Universal Dressing Pack is a cost-effective solution to aid aseptic practices, such as cleansing wounds, applying catheters and handling infectious wounds. Each Softdrape Pack is pre-wrapped in a sterile, peel-open pouch to maintain infection control.

* 1 x Pair of medium Vitrex accelerator free nitrile gloves
* 1 x 42" Plastic apron, textured to reduce static
* 2 x Sterile fields
* 1 x Disposable Bag
* 1 x Dressing Towel
* 1 x Wound Measuring Device
* 1 x Tray

* Latex Free
* 20 Packs per Box
* Individually wrapped sterile in a peel pouch

Size: Large

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