MouthEze Mouthcare Sticks Pack of 25

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MouthEze is ergonomically designed to cleanse and clean the mouth. It has been assessed and tested with a wide range of patient groups: Older people, people living with dementia, patients with neurological conditions such as Stroke, cancer therapy patients, people with learning disability and patients in specialised intensive care units.

MouthEze can be used to cleanse the soft tissue inside or around the mouth for a wide range of people - this includes people with no natural teeth

MouthEze can be used wet or dry to:
Lubricate and moisten the lips and mouth with water, water based gels and mouth rinses
Clean a coated tongue
Remove retained food and debris from the mouth
Remove sticky tenacious secretions, crusty plugs on the palate (roof of the mouth) and stringy saliva
Aid oral desensitisation for patients with special requirements and learning disabilities
Pack of 25

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