Reconditioning Universal Hand Barrier Cream - 6 x 500ml

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A highly effective barrier cream containing a skin moisturiser to ensure the skin is kept in a smooth and supple condition.

The product has been designed as a universal application cream and is suitable for both wet and dry work.

A smooth, white, odourless lotion that protects the skin in three ways:

by providing a barrier against a wide range of harmful substances,
by reducing the effects of abrasion and
by re-fatting and nourishing the skin.
Long-lasting, non-tacky and non-slippery. Easily absorbed.

Suitable for skin protection on any part of the body.

Its skin conditioning properties make it ideal as an after-work reconditioning cream.

No added lanolin or perfume. Free from china clay and similar fillers.

Proven effectiveness in wet and dry conditions.

Universal application.

Directions for Use

Apply a small amount of cream on to the palm of the hand, rub hands together thoroughly paying attention to cuticles and inner areas of fingers.

This will create a microscopic protecting layer on the surface of the hands protecting the skin from the effects of degreasants, dry powders, solvents, paints, resins, tar, inks,adhesives, oils, grease, acids and alkalis.

Properly used it will not give rise to finger marking.

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