Ice Melt RS 10Kg - De-icing & Ice Prevention

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> Ice Melt RS melts ice faster than rock salt
> Dissolves completley without trace
> Does not discolour boots, shoes, or damage carpets
> Will not affect painted surfaces, wood or rubber.
> Will not corode or harm iron, steel, aluminium or other non-ferrous metals.
> Fully biodegradable.
> Prevents melted ice from refreezing
> Non-conductive in either dry or wet form.

Ice Prevention: Apply Ice Melt RS before snowfall and before the onset of freezing weather.

Usage Rage: Approx 1kg per 10-20 sq. metres (50-100grams per sq metre) dependant on the thickness of the ice.

Directions for use: Simply spread the Ice Melts RS onto the surface and leave to react. Spread by hand or by using a shovel and work in a zigzag motion across the area.

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